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Year 2

Autumn Term 1 - Changes 


  • Instructions – using verbs, adverbs and time connectives.
  • Poetry           - writing poems using adjectives, nouns and verbs and powerful words.   Looking at rhyme and verse. Learning and reciting poems.
  • Story writing - Use story language of Traditional tales.
  • Revise Phase 5 phonemes and introduce Phase 6 suffixes prefixes, plurals and tenses.
  • Develop editing skills to improve work.
  • Handwriting   - focusing on correct letter formation and joining.



  • Place Value    - Partitioning using Hundreds tens and units.
  • Ordering numbers
  • Adding and subtracting – using a variety of strategies including partitioning, number lines, hundred squares and adding one two and three digit numbers.
  • Money - Values of money, simple shopping



  • Changes – Variation, Recognising that plants have similarities and differences. Plants and animals can be grouped by their similarities and differences. There are differences between living, non-living and dead.
  • Finding out about the food chain
  • Investigations to develop scientific thinking and questioning.



  • Correct way to start up and close down a computer
  • Access school website and navigate different learning areas.
  • Use a variety of programs and equipment to support learning in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Use internet to research information.

Design Technology

  • Design and make a printing stamp.
  • Use resource area to design and make artefacts.


  • Dynamics – Loud and quiet sounds.
  • How to create a sound effect using loud and quiet sounds.

Religious Education

  • Harvest to thank God for the food we eat. To find out why we celebrate Harvest.

Physical Education


  • To work together as a class to practise and perform a class dance about Autumn.


  • Observational drawing of natural objects found on our Autumn walk.
  • Colour mixing.
  • Mosaics.
  • Printing.

Research and Project Time (R.A.P.T.)

  • To encourage children to make their own choices from a range of activities linked to different areas of the curriculum
  • To plan and review their learning.


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