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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1   

Yellow Class Teacher is Mrs Bailey
Green class Teacher is Mrs Greed

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In English this half term we will be learning to: 

  • discuss the significance of titles and events 
  • participate in discussions about what is being read and take turns and listen to what others say
  • recognise non-fiction books and their layouts.  Discuss the purpose of non-fiction books and use these to further develop what we already know.
  • say a sentence loud and write it
    leave finger spaces when writing
    re-read what they have written and check it makes sense
    begin to join letters when writing
  • use correct punctuation, sometimes focussing on question marks
  • use suffixes and prefixes in writing

In Maths this half term the children will:

  • learn to count to 40 and write these numbers
  • use concrete apparatus to represent these numbers and talk about them using 'tens' and 'ones'
  • learning to speak in full sentences when answering maths questions
  • Using comparative language when looking at numbers, eg larger than, fewer than, greater than, etc...
  • add and subtract 2 digit numbers to 1 digit numbers and 2 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers
  • learn the counting on strategy, the number bond strategy and the 'make ten' strategy
  • learning to count forwards and backwards from any number up to 100
  • count in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • learn to solve word problems
  • learn to use mental calculations

 In History this half term the children will:

  • learn about how lives have changed since the Victorian Era
  • learn about the lives of significant individuals eg: Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and how they have contributed to national achievements.

In Science the children will be:

  • observe changes across the four seasons and describe weather associated with them and how day length varies


 In Art the children will be:

  • learn the skill of weaving to create their own art piece

In PE the children will be:

  • developing skills of balance, jumping, throwing and catching
  • using first funs PE to develop these skills and explore movements

In RE the children will be:

  • Looking at the Big Idea of Welcome and how we welcome people into our lives and homes and then relating this to Palm Sunday and how Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem

In Music the children will be learning about:


In ICT we will be using the internet to design a room in a victorian style.

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