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Welcome to year R

Welcome to year R
Orange Class – Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Morey and Mrs. Terry
Purple Class - Mrs Lipscomb and Mrs Conway
Over the last term we have enjoyed getting to know each other and have made some new friendships.
This half term we will be entering the world of Pirates!
Our ongoing topic is Weather.
Ahoy there me Hearties!
There will be a Dress up Pirate Day.
We will be visiting Action Stations to find out all about Pirates!
We will follow maps and find treasure!
We will be learning how to
use speech bubbles
  • write labels
  • use super adjectives
  • describe characters.
  • Write super sentences.
We will be able to segment the phonemes, digraphs and tri-graphs in words, blend them together and know which letters represent some of them.
Read simple sentences.
Communication and Language 
We will learn to: 
  • Use drama and intonation to act out the life of a Pirate.
  • maintain attention, concentrate and sit quietly during appropriate activities.
  •      explore the meaning and sounds of new words.
  • listen and respond to ideas expressed by others in conversation or discussion.
We will learn to:
  • use ordinal numbers
  • recognize number bonds
  • count back
  • use formal methods for subtraction.
  • Use everyday language to talk about time.
Understanding The World 
We will learn to:
  • remember and talk about significant events in
their own experience.
  • recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools.
  • Program a computer to follow commands.
  • recognise changes in the weather and our outside environment.
  • Empathise with characters from the past.
Expressive Art and Design 
We will
  • make 3D models using media materials.
  • Act,sing  and perform in front of an audience.
  • Take on different roles of characters using intonation and movement.
  • Explore colour mixing
Personal, Social and Emotional Development 
We will: 
  • talk about characters feelings, movements and behaviour
  • discuss why characters feel the way they do.
  • understand that own actions affect other people and how we can help others.
  • Build self-confidence and awareness.
Physical Development. 
We will be: 
  • learning how to keep a safe by working as part of a group and class and understand and follow rules.
  • following the REAL PE  program focusing on the development of agility, balance, coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning.
  • Using and controlling small equipment with our hands, e.g. pencil control, cutting skills, using fixatives etc.

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