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Year 1

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The spelling of the week is:-


                                 Here are some more spellings to practise.




                                 The digraph of the week is:-



Here are some of the digraphs we have already been learning at school.


                                          ng   ai   ee   igh   oa   oo  ar  or  

                                          ear  air 

                                        Practise these at home.


     Encourage your child to read the words below on their own.

     Draw the pictures and bring them to school to put on the wall.

                                Which words are alien words?


                                                   moon             loop

                                                   coot               foop

                                                   food               swoop


Don't forget to practise your spelling, phonemes and digraphs at home. 


Note to parents

Why not check out the 'Parents Guide to Understanding Phonics' page to increase your own knowledge of phonemes, digraphs and trigraphs. Please Click Here...


                                    Writing for the week

In writing this week we are re-telling a fairy story.

              The story of the week is:-


                                                                       When we re-tell our story:-


                                                                We are trying to remember to leave spaces between our words.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     We are trying to spell some of our words correctly.

                                                                    We are trying to use our phonemes to help us spell unknown words.

                                                                    We are trying to remember to put a full stop when we finish a sentence.

                                                                    We are starting to use a capital letter after a full stop.


Why not practise writing a story at home with your child remembering all of these things.


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