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Welcome to year R

Welcome to Year R!

Orange Class – Mrs Phillips, Mrs Morey and Mrs Terry

Purple Class – Mrs Bailey and Mrs Conway

Autumn 1

This term our main focus is getting all of the children settled and happy with new school routines and friends.

In addition, our topic this term is Nursery Rhymes. As well as learning, singing and reading lots of different rhymes, we will be doing lots of fun activities and investigations linked to nursery rhymes. Below are details of what we will be doing in each of the different areas of learning and what we hope the children will learn throughout this half term.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be encouraging pupils to have a go at new activities and celebrating all the pupils’ successes both in school and out of school. We will read and discuss relevant stories and play games that encourage turn taking, listening and a shared fun experience. Through nursery rhymes we will also look at the importance of keeping safe and following rules.

  • Children will get to know each other and begin to make new friendships.
  • Children will begin to work with one another, sparing spaces and learning to take turns.
  • Children will become familiar with the daily routine and where to find everything.
  • Children will try out new things.
  • Children will realise that we are all different but we are all special.

Communication and Language

In small groups and as a class, we will play games that encourage speaking and listening skills. Through discussion, role play and using puppets we will explore how we feel in different situations. We will come up with and agree some class rules to make the classroom a happy and safe place for everyone to be.

  • Children will begin to listen carefully when others are speaking.
  • Children will express themselves through talk.
  • Children will think about their own feelings and the feelings of others.

Physical Development

We follow the ‘Real P.E.’ scheme of work which teaches children key skills, such as maintaining their own space and learning to balance, through lots of fun stories, games and songs. In class we will be doing lots of fun activities and games using play dough, clothes pegs, scissors, pens, pencils and crayons, to develop hand strength.

Children will be learning:

  • How to keep safe in lessons.
  • How we can balance and travel with control and co-ordination.
  • How we can use and control small equipment with our hands e.g. pencil control and cutting skills.


We will read, learn and discuss lots of traditional nursery rhymes and read stories associated with these. We will listen to and identify a variety of sounds using games, body percussion and musical instruments. We will explore lots of different writing tools and the different marks we can make.

  • Children will show an awareness of rhyme.
  • Children will listen to and join in with stories and rhyme.
  • Children will listen to stories with increasing attention and recall.
  • Children will begin to give meaning to marks they make as they draw, write and paint.


We will be doing lots of practical maths activities to explore numbers 0 - 10 and beyond with a range of objects. We will incorporate number and counting into stories, nursery rhymes and songs. We will use puppets, role play and drama to count, recognise and order numbers.

  • Children will recognise and begin to order numerals 1 – 5.
  • Children will count up to 10 actions and objects.
  • Children will count up to 5 objects from a larger group.

Understanding the World

We will spend lots of time talking about ourselves and listening to each other through role play, puppets and drama. We will discuss the daily weather and go for walks in our local environment to discover signs of the changing seasons. Through a variety of fun investigations and activities, we will encourage the children to question, explore and discover, ‘‘What might happen if…….?”, “What might happen next…..?”, “What could we change….?”.

  • Children will begin to be aware of similarities and differences between people and to understand that we are all special and unique.
  • Children will begin to observe and question aspects of their familiar world.

Expressive Art and Design

We will use our voices and bodies to respond to and make rhythms and music. We will explore colour, design and texture to create our own pictures and 3D objects. We will experiment and explore colour mixing.

  • Children will sing songs, make music and dance, and experiment with ways of changing these.
  • Children will experiment with colour, design and texture and will explore different materials and tools.
  • Children will begin to express their feelings and ideas through role play, drama, music and art.


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